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A very rare two-headed snake has been found in the Wedwe region of South Africa. A man in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province saw a two-headed snake in his garden and immediately put it in a pot to prevent it from biting someone.

Then he contacted Nick Evans, who protects and rescues snakes. Nick Evans is the founder of KZN Amphibian and Reptile Conservation. He shared the picture of this snake in his Facebook post and wrote, “I was recently near Brai area in North Durban.

At that time I was sent a picture from Vedway. It was a picture of a snake with two heads. This is a southern brown egg eater snake. It does not cause any kind of harm.

A snake with two heads is very rare. This condition is called bicephaly. This situation occurs when some twins cannot be separated before birth. In the birth of 10 thousand snakes, one snake is born like this. But the chances of them surviving are very low. A snake with two heads cannot survive for long.

Now this two-headed snake has reached the hands of Nick Evans’ professional group. His health is taken care of here. Life is certainly not easy for the two-headed snake.

The chances of survival in this forest are also low. So two heads are definitely not better than one. Now it remains to be seen whether this egg-eating snake will learn to live with this deformity.

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