When they are hungry, they eat the soil of these orphaned crops! Doing a lion will be a great virtue

Kathmandu. Ten-year-old Savita, nine-year-old Sunita and five-year-old Ramila are orphans. The house covered with moss has reached a state of collapse. There is no food at home. They eat soil when they are hungry.

There is no clothes to wear at night except for a single torn garment. They sit in the sun during the day and light a fire at night.

This is not the story of a movie, it is the story of three orphan girls from Sigas Rural Municipality 8, Nwadeu, Baitadi. Three sisters born in a poor Dalit family do not even go to school. Father Sullivan Nepali died three years ago without receiving treatment. The sick mother has gone to the village to ask for food.

10-year-old Savita Nepali, who was eating mud after her mother, who had gone to the village to ask for food, was late to return. Because they are Dalits, people from other communities find it difficult to take girls into their homes. On the other hand, no one has agreed to give support, even if they have given him a bushel of grain to eat.

A local Gore Bohra said that after the house that was covered with moss was destroyed, it was repaired. Bohra said that after the death of Sullivan, who was raising a child by sewing clothes, the family was devastated

Bohra said, “The condition of the girls’ homes is very critical. After the death of Sullivan Damai, who lived by sewing clothes and begging for food, the family was in trouble. Land is nothing.

The mother used to go from village to village to ask for food, sometimes she used to eat. Even today, mother has gone to some village. When it happened, we also gave a bale.” Savita Nepali, the 10-year-old elder sister, said that it is fun on days when she does not have enough food. Savita said that she used to light a fire and sleep because she did not have clothes to wear and night clothes.

On the day when the sky is clear, we get warmed by the sun in the afternoon. We lit a fire at night. Sometimes her hands get burnt while sleeping,” Savita said, “Mother Pallo has gone to the village to ask for corn. After coming, he told me to pour the oil into the jato and cook it.”

Savita says that she could not go to school because she had no one. Savita said that since there was no food after the death of her father, her mother told her to go to her uncle’s house in Bajhang, Bugal.

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