When the mother passed away, the sons did not come, the four daughters performed the last rites in this way

According to Hindu tradition, after the death of the parents, the cremation is performed by the son. It is also believed that the son should carry the body of the deceased on his shoulders to Aryaghat.

In recent times, there have been many examples of daughters performing the last rites after the death of childless parents. Sometimes there are cases where both children are cremated together. In the Indian state of Odisha, daughters performed the last rites of their mothers in the absence of their sons.

According to the Indian daily Dainik Bhaskar, the 80-year-old Jati Nayak, who lives in Mangalaghat, died on Sunday. After his sons did not arrive for his cremation, his four daughters performed the last rites together. He has two sons and four daughters.

According to the neighbors of the deceased caste, when the sons did not come, the sisters carried the mother’s body on their shoulders to Aryaghat, which is four kilometers away. After waiting for a long time, when the brothers did not come, they decided to take their mother’s body with the help of their neighbors.

After the death of Shraman, the caste raised her children with great suffering. She taught her sons by placing baskets on the road. But they did not even come to see their mother’s face for the last time. Even before her death, the sons did not care about her.

Mother used to say that my sons don’t care about me,” said the elder son-in-law of the deceased. “Mother came to meet us a few days ago. Then he said that you are my eldest son because my son has never cared about me, he has not even come to see me for many years. Seetamani Sahu, the daughter of the deceased, also said that the brothers never asked about their mother.

He did not care about his mother for the last ten years. The brothers never even took the mother with them. Not even once did he ask his mother if she was fine. He kept his attention to himself.

Jati was ill a few days before her death. He was taken to the hospital in an ambulance by his daughter-in-law. She said that even then the brothers did not come to see their mother.

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