When the contractor asked for the wages, he was tied to a pole and beaten!!

The police have arrested the contractor Anand Mishra who tied 21-year-old Mobarak Nadaf to a pole and collected copper from Loharpatti Municipality-6 of Mahottari. On the morning of March 23, 34-year-old Mishra tied Nadaf to a pole and treated her inhumanely.

Mishra was taken into custody and the investigation into the case of humiliating and inhumane behavior has been carried forward. After learning of the video of Mishra’s inhuman activities on Nadaf from social media, based on the complaint given by the victim’s grandfather Gafur Nadaf on Monday, the police arrested Mishra on the same day and started the investigation with a seven-day deadline from the District Court Mahottari.

Nadaf was hired by the contractor who was in charge of the Shiv Ashram under construction at Loharpatti Chowk, Loharpatti Municipality-6. Nadaf repeatedly asked Mishra for an account of the wages he had worked, but he did not give it.

When the contractor did not pay his wages, Nadaf brought an iron cutting machine and a fan equal to his wages. In return, Mishra called him at home and beat him, took him to Loharpatti Chowk and tied his hands to a pole and beat him.

On the other hand, according to the information given by the police, there is preliminary information that Nadaf treated her in an insulting and inhuman manner on the pretext of stealing the machine. Nadaf’s hair was also shaved and paraded around the city.

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