When he came home for dinner, he saw the father and his wife in an objectionable condition

The son has been accused of murdering the father in Kapilvastu.

30-year-old Maniram Pasi of Shivraj Municipality-10 Shitlapur of Kapilvastu has been arrested on the charge of killing his father Magare Pasi. According to Kapiljung Shahi, Chief of Police of Ward Police Office Chandrauta, Maniram used to work in a local brick kiln.

There was also a small liquor store in their village. His wife 26-year-old Mima Pasi and father 64-year-old used to take care of the shop. Even last Tuesday morning, they all went to their work.

Maniram came from his work at the brick kiln around 11 am to have dinner at his house. At that time, wife Mima and father Magare found Pasi in a distressed state. After seeing his wife and father not together, he could not control himself.

While beating his wife, she managed to escape. Dad was there. Punches and kicks hit Gupta every now and then. Maniram’s son died at the scene of the accident.

After his father’s death, Mani Ram and Mima will be trapped. Locked from outside. Throughout the day, the husband and wife remained silent without telling anyone. To protect himself, father Magare planned to hang himself to show that he had given up.

They have two sons. They did not know anything about the incident. Maniram’s mother is suffering from paralyses. She cannot get up from her sleeping place without the help of others. The police officer said that even though he was in the same house when the incident happened, he was in a separate room but did not know about the incident.

Ha: After ten o’clock on the night of the incident, the father’s body and son Maniram tied it with a rope and hung it in a separate room inside the house. The next morning, the father hanged himself and informed the locals that he had committed suicide. After getting the news, on Wednesday morning he reached the house of Mr. Hari Pasi. When the police arrived, Magre’s body was hanging inside the house.

After becoming suspicious, the police took the son and daughter-in-law into custody for questioning. After the police asked some questions, the truth was revealed. ‘After the murder, Maniram was found to have tied the body to a rope to show that the incident was suicide,’ said Shahi. are.’

Now Maniram and Mima are in Prahari Hirasat. The police have prepared to prosecute them. Shahi, the head of the Ward Police Office, said that further investigation into the crime is ongoing.

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