What suddenly happened to artist Ramchandra Adhikari ‘Kazi Saap’? Fell shooting!

What suddenly happened to artist Ramchandra Adhikari ‘Kazi Soap’? Fell shooting!

Senior actor Ramchandra Adhikari ‘Kazi Sap’ has been admitted to the hospital. A few days ago, his family gave him Medicare in Chab Hill after he had health complications due to pneumonia

He was admitted to the ICU of the hospital. The 68-year-old actor Adhikari was shifted from the ICU to the general ward on Monday due to some improvement in his health. He is in the hospital for a few more days

Actor Gopal Dhakal Chande said that he should be kept by the doctor. Besides films and small screen movies, the officer who has acted in many music videos has recently appeared in small screen serials.

He is famous for his role as Kazi Saap. He is an actor who lives in the heart of every Nepali speaker. He is at the peak of discussion due to his simple lifestyle and excellent acting. His acting is lively.

The audience likes his performance, especially as a Kazi in a violent role, while his performance of a humble beggar is also liked by the audience.

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