What happened to Chhatra Shahi in a short period of marriage

What happened to Chhatra Shahi in a short period of marriage, why did these two stop being seen together after marrying Kajol? Chhatra cried after leaving Bakkano on the live, Deepakraj and Dilip were the ones who tried to reconcile Kajol and Chhatra, this is the inside story,

This too
The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has formed a three-member committee to investigate the City Police Chief Rajunath Pandey, who is accused of misbehaving with a female police officer.

After police constable Ganga Upreti filed a complaint alleging that Pandey mistreated her when she gave birth, a three-member committee was formed to investigate the matter, informed Vasant Adhikari, the chief administrative officer of the metropolis.

Social Development Department Head Gopal Prasad Pokharel is the coordinator of the inquiry committee, while Sumitra Lamichhane of Justice Administration Department and Sarita Kumari Rai, Deputy Director of Urban Planning Commission are members.

“The investigation committee was formed on 8th of January,” he said, “The committee will submit its report within 15 days.” After that, the action process will proceed as per the committee. Ganga submitted a petition to the Chief Administrative Officer on November 9 and shortly thereafter to Deputy Mayor Sunita Dangol, saying that she had been mistreated.

After that, the Metropolitan Corporation asked Pandey for an explanation on November 19. He gave an explanation only on December 5. In the meantime, the metropolis decided to reward Pandey on the contrary, as he had to start an investigation on Pandey after the complaint of abuse by the women’s police. On the occasion of the 28th foundation day of the metropolis, Pandey was given the ‘Mahanagar Gaurav’ award on 29th November.

Sources say that there is a difference within the metropolis over the decision to reward Pandey, who is accused of abuse. “We said that we should not give the award to the controversial person,” the source said, “Vasant Adhikari did not agree.” He argued that such things keep coming. It was his sole decision to reward Pandey.

The official denied this. He said that Pandey was awarded based on the decision of the selection committee as the allegations have not been confirmed. He said that it was not his decision alone, but the five-member selection committee decided to award Pandey.

The officers of the selection committee were the coordinators while Buddharatna Manandhar of the Finance Department, Vasant Acharya of the Law and Human Rights Department, Archana Shakya of the Heritage and Tourism Department and Mahesh Kafle of the Administration Department were the members. “He was excellent in everything else, there was no room for blame,” he said, “how can you disqualify him from awarding him an award based on one unsubstantiated allegation?”

When the Sutkeri Nagar police asked for ‘duty’, SP Raju Pandey’s reply: ‘Do you want my child to be pako?’

The 25-year-old Ganga Upreti used to appear at Bagdarbar in Teku for ‘duty’ with new zeal and vigor, wearing a uniform of the Metropolitan Police. Like the rays of the rising sun every day, Ganga’s day also begins with newness, excitement and desire. Seeing the vision of Mayor Balendra Shah for the development of Kathmandu, his courage was burning even more. Ganga, who became a mother 7 months ago, used to do her duty at the Metropolitan Police Chief’s office even then. She was verbally transferred to the working group branch at Teku when she appeared in the office on 30-day maternity leave.

Ganga, whose physical condition deteriorated due to the operation during the ‘delivery’, went to complain to SP Rajunath Pandey, the unmarried police chief of her workplace. As her physical condition deteriorated, she asked Pandey to transfer her to her own office in Teku, saying that while she was in the working group branch, the child did not even have time to breastfeed. Instead of listening to Ganga’s complaint and sympathizing, Pandey buried Ganga’s hopes and aspirations under the old goreto of the tiger palace by saying, “I don’t know anything else to keep the problems of the house at home, to do duty.”

A few days later, when Ganga told her problem again to Pandey, he said, “How will you raise the child you want, do it yourself, if you can’t do 12 hours duty, then resign and leave.”

Pandey repeatedly called her and used abusive language when a pregnant mother failed to perform the work of the task force with a fresh wound from the operation 7 months ago. Calling Ganga again and again, pointing fingers at her character, calling her names and saying, ‘Teile mero bacha pako be ra? He used to scold me saying, ‘If you want to get a job, leave the child at home, and if you don’t want to, you will resign’.

She says that after seeing the inhuman appearance of Raju Pandey, who was called as their father to the lower level police, she started getting mental stress.

Ganga lodged a complaint with the BL Nepali Service that Pandey would send Ganga to ‘Savik’ duty when other employees were around and used abusive language on her when no one was around.

When Ganga felt very helpless and complained to her ‘shift commanders’, she promised to adjust her duty hours, but Pandey dominated her by saying, ‘If you are going to do duty, do 12 hours of office duty, otherwise resign and go!’ Not only that, she says that Pandey did not even allow her to appear. Pandey also assigned people to monitor the mother of a milk child to see if she goes to appear not only at Baghdarbar but also at other ward offices.

Assay 14, Friday. He received a call from Pandey’s office asking him to attend early in the morning. She couldn’t go alone. Pandey says that she could not go to the office alone because she was afraid of the mental torture she had been subjected to for months. Feeling unsafe, she attended Pandey’s office with her 7-month-old baby and husband.

As soon as Pandey saw Ganga’s little family, he hurled insults and insults at her. When Ganga could not bear to see her child being abused, Pandey said, “Yes, I will resign,” and Pandey said, “Being a soldier or a constable is not a big deal. If you don’t have this job, you won’t be able to eat rice.” I don’t arrange duty, what are you doing?’ Not only that, she told her husband, “If you don’t send your wife to duty, you won’t have enough to eat” and even went to shake her hand. Ganga’s husband started making videos on his mobile phone because of the bardi. Calling 8-10 people saying that he had taken a video, Pandey assaulted him and tore the bardi and inflicted wounds/injuries on his body. Ganga said, “He behaved very rudely with us at that time, even a small child fell ill for 4 days.

After taking the mobile phone from her husband, Pandey threatened to call the police and jail him and left the office with his car. Pandey called Dinesh Aryal and asked for the ‘PIN’ of Ganga’s husband’s mobile phone and asked him to delete the video. After that, her mobile was confiscated and Ganga was sent home to ‘come back tomorrow’. The next day, when he reached the office and searched for the phone, he was asked to pick it up on 17th Kartik.

According to Bela, when he reached Sankhu with his sister, as soon as he saw her, ‘Who called this… to this office, get him out of here. He threatened and insulted him by saying that such a person has no business, made him stand outside for two hours and finally called him. He came to know that his salary was also withheld saying that he had filed a case for action by deleting the video.

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