Twa, while Ilet was sitting suddenly ni, scio cobra snake, what happened next (including V, Dio)

A family living in a Bengaluru colony came under tension when a cobra snake was spotted in the toilet. It was morning and everyone was getting ready to go to work.

When a member of the same family tries to go to the toilet, a noise is heard on the toilet seat. When he looks at the toilet seat, his condition worsens due to fear. A cobra snake is trying to get out of the toilet with its mouth wide open.

Seeing that, his condition worsens. But he controls himself. And quickly takes a big piece of tile and closes the toilet. He puts a brick on top of it. Then he calls the police and RESCO team. The Resco team quickly reaches there and removes the brick that is the most difficult.

After removing the brick, they also remove the tile. The cobra snake tries to come out with its mouth wide open. The snake was so angry that the sound was coming from its mouth. ‘ tries to bite the bar team.

To calm down the snake, open the stream and soak it in the stream and keep it aside. So that the snake calms down quickly. The cobra snake is the most dangerous. And once bitten by this snake, it becomes very difficult to survive. After a while, the snake calms down and pulls out. You should also dare in the same way.

If you ever see a snake like this suddenly, don’t try to kill the snake even by mistake. Because it can be dangerous, so if such an incident happens, the police and the Resco team should be called immediately. And it should be handled in a professional manner.

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