Tragedy: Bhairal Sachin Periyar was found in this condition at the hospital (see video)

Bhairal Sachin Pariyar’s video is placed at the end of the news below.

Conjugal happiness is associated with as well. It is said that an active life helps to strengthen the relationship between the couple. However, this is not the case for everyone.

Some couples cannot achieve full pleasure. In such a situation, suspicion and animosity may increase between the couple. Finally, because of this, there may be a conflict between them. While for some women, intercourse is very painful. Especially due to various problems in reproductive health, they may be indifferent to

When uterine problems occur

Women with reproductive health problems may experience a lot of pain during intercourse. Especially if there is an infection in the uterus or if the uterus is swollen, there is pain during sexual intercourse.

A lot of women have the problem of developing ‘shits’ i.e. water and blood blisters in the uterus. If this happens, the uterus may swell. In the same way, there may be an infection of the uterus or a condition where the flesh has grown.

This too
After the result was not good in the examination, a child from Rupandehi is without contact, the family’s appeal for search

Butwal. A child from Siyari Rural Municipality-1 of Rupandehi has been out of contact for 3 days. 14-year-old Dipashu Karki, who left school on 30th of Chaitra, has not been contacted yet, so the family has appealed for a search.

Family sources have expressed suspicion that Dipashu, who studied in Class 7 at the local Lumbini Gyanjyoti English Boarding School, did not get good results in the examination, because of the fear of being scolded by his family or for some other reason.

He went to school from home on 30th of Chaitra, but after hearing the results of the examination at school, he left there with a bicycle at 10 am. Local Umesh Chhetri informed Global Voice that CCTV footage was found when the driver of Tilottama was coming towards Butwal at around 12 noon on the same day.

He became uncontactable in his school uniform. According to the family, the school uniform is white and black shorts, black pants and shoes.

After the child became uncontactable, the father Tek Bahadur Karki informed the local police station on the day of the incident and a written complaint was filed at the District Police Office Rupandehi on Friday, family sources said. The person who found it has requested to contact the family phone number 9803083695 or 9847221848.

After receiving the complaint, district police office Rupandehi has issued a circular to police stations in Nepal-India border area and possible areas of Rupandehi and neighboring districts. So far, no significant clues have been found to find the child, but the search operation has been continued, the police said.

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