This video of heroine Samragji was released, Machchiyo Tehalka (with video)

The recent hit actress Samragni Rajyalakshmi Shah has also started appearing in music videos.

Another music video ‘Prabhav’ starring Samragji, who was seen in the song ‘Maya Prem’ recently, has been released. On the occasion of Dasain, one can see the bold image of the empress in a public video.

The song has lyrics, music and vocals by Prakash Vikram Thapa and the music has been composed by Suraj Sharma. In the video directed by Shekharraj Khasju, Vivek Khadka has supported Samragji as a pair.

The indoor scene is preferred, the video is shot by Sushan Magar and edited by Praveen Shrestha.

The bold avatar seen in the video of the empress has received a lot of discussion. The video, in which he is seen in a romantic mood, has really impressed me.

This too

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He ordered two cokes. We ate coke. Please take me home now. Then he started abusing me, I couldn’t deny it. As soon as he got to the hotel, he walked towards the room. Called me too. But I refused. But there were only other boys. He was afraid that it would be more difficult with strangers than with acquaintances, so he went to the room with him. As soon as he entered the room, he put on his chukul.

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As soon as the news was received that Pandey had molested the girl in the guest house located at 26 Gongbu, Kathmandu Metropolitan City, the police stationed from Thankot Metropolitan Police Circle arrested him. Teens, be careful. Don’t meet anyone on social media to make friends. One day you will have to suffer unexpected consequences.

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