This is your Horoscope on Wednesday 03 July

Aries (Chu, Che, Cho, La, Li, Lu, Le, Lo, A)
Problems of the past may arise. Professional work will be done while trying. But the expected profit in business may not be met. Those who show hope of help will bow down, be careful. Today’s efforts will be fruitless.

Taurus (e, u, a, o, wa, vi, wu, ve, wo)
Rights can be established only by struggle. Enemies will be sidelined. The competition will also be won. Becoming a dreamer will awaken enthusiasm. You will get double benefits from the same work. Special plans will be made. There may be competition with powerful people. You will be able to dominate your field.

Gemini (ka, ki, ku, dh, ng, ch, ke, ko, ha)
There is a time when investment and labor are not getting a fair price. It is time to work hard for low achievements. Good work can be done for the benefit of the community. There is an opportunity to take up beneficial work and responsibility while bearing social responsibility.

Cancer (hi, hu, he, ho, da, di, do, de, do)
Those who are jealous of you can hinder your work. It will be beneficial to keep your plans secret. Others can claim rights to their content. Due to the increase in the movements of the enemies, accusations can be made without fault.

Leo (ma, mi, mu, me, mo, ta, ti, tu, te)
The bond of love will be tightened. Care should be taken while using the vehicle, the enthusiasm will be aroused by doing the work that has been stopped. Those who give assurances can be deceived. If you trust others, you will be deceived in the end. The financial aspect will also become strong by making the stopped work.

Virgo ( To, Pa, Pi, Pu, Sh, Na, Th, Pe, Po )
You will be able to dominate your field. It is time to earn money, reward and reputation. There is a combination of benefits from land, vehicle and ancestral property. It will be better to wait for some time to start new work. The work done can be continued.

Libra ( Ra, Ri, Ru, Re, Ro, Ta, Ti, Tu, Te )
There is a possibility that there will be problems while traveling and you will have to engage in forced work. There will be benefits through husband or wife. Received hospitality. Forcible confiscation may spoil the work done. There is a possibility that the old contract will be broken. If you use your wisdom with patience, it will gradually work.

Scorpio ( To, Na, Ni, Nu, Ne, No, Ya, Yi, Yu )
Trusting those who show hope can lead to betrayal. Taking on the responsibility of challenging work will lead to little success after much effort. Having to deal with some difficult situations will make you sad. However, while protecting the rights and interests of the community, it is possible to work for the good of many.

Sagittarius (ye, yo, bha, bh, bhu, dha, pha, dha, bh)
Those who give assurances and bow down can persecute. The work that is determined to be done can suddenly deteriorate. Persistence can lead to a record. The habit of making promises to others will lead to suffering despite various opportunities. Enemies and competitors can be easily defeated. Influential people can compete.

Capricorn (Bho, Ja, Ji, Ju, Je, Jo, Kh, Khi, Khu, Khe, Kho, Ga, Gi)
There will be progress in reading and writing. Health remained poor due to stomach upset. Business work may be interrupted in between. If the income will increase, you can get hospitable respect. It is time to tighten the bonds of love. Married life will be happy.

Aquarius (Gu, Gay, Go, Sa, Si, Su, Se, So, Da)
You can show your talent to others. Gurujan’s special support will be gathered. Even if the effort is delayed, the achievement will be good. The fear of spoiling the work will bother you. There is a time when investment, rush, labor and effort are not getting the right price. It is time to settle for low achievement.

Pisces (Di, Du, Th, Jh, J, De, Do, Cha, Chi)
It will be better to wait for some time to start new work. Only disreputable people will show readiness to help, be careful. You will be victimized by the government. Rights must be protected. It will be spent on fulfilling the hobby.

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