There is no death penalty law in Nepal. My daughter asked me to save her… but she couldn’t.

This year, June started with rain. Soon after, farmers began planting paddy. The family of Sujita Bhandari located in Rapti-3 had also prepared for planting on June 12. About one kilometer from this family’s house, there are four paddy fields. They have also acquired five more paddy fields nearby in Adhiyan. Local Raju Sedhai’s tractor and other agricultural equipment were also found for plowing there. Click below to watch the full video of this news.

But since the tractor was empty on the 11th, planting was done a day earlier. The Bhandari family was in preparation after it was decided to plant in the morning. Sujitha left the house early that day saying that her friend from Jitpur had called her to buy vegetables. Sujitha’s house is about 300 meters south of Gadyuli on the East-West Highway. Jitpur is also south of Sujita’s house.

Soon after Sujitha left home, her family got busy with planting. When they returned home after planting, Kavita, the youngest daughter of the family, saw her sister’s ‘missed call’ on her mobile. Soon Kavita called Sujitha. According to Kavita, Sujitha informed him that she had been kidnapped and asked him to save her. Sujitha also took the name of local Raju Sedha and asked him to inform him that she has been kidnapped. Krishna Prasad Gayre’s house is about 50 meters from Sujitha’s house. Gayre was making ali in the field near the house

Kavita suddenly came out crying and screaming. She was saying that her sister was abducted, what to do now, what to do,’ Krishna Prasad narrated, ‘after she came near and understood, Kavita told that Sujitha informed her that she had been kidnapped and that she did not know where the abductors had kept her.’ The Bhandari family took this matter to the media from the police.

As Sujitha had walked to Jitpur, the locals went there to search. Chitwan National Park is located at Jitpur. They searched for Sujita every day in the area since June 11.

Neighbor Krishna Prasad also went to the forest to look for Sujita one day. “We searched for the whole day, but nothing was found,” he said.

After Kavita informed about what her sister Sujitha had said on the phone, the police also came to their house to find out about it. Police also began searching south on the highway. The police informed Sujitha’s family that the last location of her mobile was towards the south.

The body was found after 9 days of disappearance

There is a settlement here only about 500 meters north from the East-West Highway. Beyond that is the forest. There is an unpaved road from Jhurjhure on the highway for about 4 km. On Sunday, Sujitha’s body was found in a hole in the hill which is reached after about half an hour’s climb from the place called Dhamile.

Niuro, a person who went to the forest to look for mushrooms reported to the police after seeing a dead body on that steep land of Bramhasthani Community Forest. After hearing the news, the police team reached there on Sunday afternoon. The family members identified the body as that of Sujita on Sunday.

DSP Surya Bahadur Thapa of Chitwan informed that the body was found stuck in a wave in Kholsa. The police also used a trained dog in the investigation. The said forest is an area for cutting local grass and firewood of Ward No. 3 of Rapti. Sujitha’s family also used to go to this forest for grass and firewood. “But we didn’t go that high, we used to cut grass from below,” said neighbor Krishna Prasad, “the place where the body was found is much higher.”

The police reached the spot where the body was found on Sunday and stayed there that night. Some locals also stayed there at night. The body was picked up by the police on Monday morning. Mayor Prabha Baral of Rapti Municipality, Deputy Mayor Imansingh Lama and hundreds of locals reached the place where the body was found on Monday. The police found a bottle, Rs 300 in cash and a torn bag along with the body.

“The father of the deceased has identified that the liquid in the bottle is poison used to kill Patero. We are investigating the matter,” Chitwan SP Om Adhikari said.

The liquid found in the Sprite bottle is used to kill rice borers. Sujitha’s family also identified the bag found there as hers. A team of the Central Bureau of Investigation has also been investigating the incident in Chitwan for a few days now. The SP officer said that preparations are being made to take the body to Kathmandu for post-mortem as soon as possible.

“Some time ago we took the dead body to Kathmandu for post-mortem due to such a complicated issue, we are trying to do the same now,” he said. He said that the police had also received a complaint that Sujita was kidnapped and the investigation was going on from that side as well.

“It is not necessary for us to receive a written complaint to proceed with the investigation, we also look at the verbal complaints and the things that have come in the media,” he said.

The police carried the body half way on a stretcher and in an ambulance on the east-west highway. When the body arrived, a large crowd of locals had gathered on the highway. They raised slogans saying that Sujitha could not be saved even though they informed her about the abduction on time.

“We told everything to the police in time, but the police did not investigate the matter properly”, said the deceased’s sister Kavita, “If they had acted on time, this day would not have come.” It is suspected that the police tried to prove suicide by showing the bottle found with the body to the family of the deceased. Click below to watch the full video of this news.

My daughter did not commit suicide like that. Someone must have killed her,’ said Ambika Bhandari, the mother of the deceased, ‘I tried to save my daughter, but I couldn’t.’

The local residents stopped the ambulance for the whole day by blocking the means of transport on the East-West highway at Jhurjhure in Rapti. They alleged that Sujitha’s death was also being tried to be falsified like that of Nirmala Pant.

Later, after a discussion between the chief district officer, police chief, mayor, ward president, representatives of local political parties and family members, it was agreed to bring the dead body to Bharatpur, but the local residents did not accept it. After the police agreed to investigate the incident as soon as possible and publish the truth, the road is now open. . Locals blocked the highway for more than 8 hours.

Sujitha was looking for a job

The Bhandari family has an old tin roofed house. Some goats and cows are tied in the shed attached to the house. Apart from that, the same four kattha land is their property. Kritika Chaulagai is Sujata’s best friend. According to him, Sujitha was recently looking for a job. She stayed in Kathmandu for three months before the ban in search of a job. But she returned home without a job.

Sujitha completed her graduation from the local Buddhashanti Mavi Plus Two and Buddhashanti Campus. Farmer father, mother’s financial situation was weak, so there was pressure on him to get a job. “They were teaching their son and daughter with loans, Sujita’s studies were good,” she said, “The family had high expectations from her.”

Sujita has three sisters and one brother.

Mother Ambika also requested her daughter to get a job in a local water supply organization. Rajkumar Bhatt, the president of the said organization, said that due to poor economic conditions, one of the family members died. He said that he has been assisting in the search since he came to know that Sujita is missing.

“I had heard that she is very simple and easy-going,” he said, “We thought that she might be alive, she might be living somewhere without being able to tell her family.” Vishwaram Sedhai of Buddhashanti School, who taught Sujitha economics from class 9 to 11, says that she is a brilliant student.

She was a student who excelled in studies, never made mistakes in school, never did bad things. I was surprised to hear that he was abducted,” he said. “I came after hearing that the body was found.

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