The video of the teacher cheating the girl who came to study at home went viral all over the world (watch).

The video of the girl being forced by the teacher went viral all over the world (watch)

The video of the teacher cheating the girl who came to study at home went viral all over the world (watch).

Watch the video of the teacher cheating on the girl who came to study tuition and forcing her to go viral.

Also: Nepal ahead of India and Pakistan in peacekeeping; Nepal has risen to the third number in the ranking of countries that contribute peacekeeping forces to the United Nations (UN).

Nepal, which is in the fourth place, has improved its position behind the African country Rwanda in terms of contribution. In the list of security forces deployed in the UN mission, another South Asian country, Bangladesh, is at number one, while the African country, Ethiopia, is at number two.

According to information received from the UN, Nepal’s 5,686 security personnel have been deployed for peacekeeping and have risen to the third number since last May 31, said Santoshballabh Paudel, the military spokesman.

Similarly, Bangladesh, which is number one, has deployed 6,662 and Ethiopia, which is second, has deployed 6,113 security personnel for peacekeeping. Nepal is followed by Rwanda, Nepal’s southern neighbor India at number five and Pakistan at number six.

Rwanda has deployed 5 thousand 64, India 5 thousand 548 and Pakistan 4 thousand 516 security personnel for peacekeeping.

According to military spokesman Paudel, being the country that provides the most peacekeeping troops in the field of world peace is the trust of other countries towards Nepal. He also said that the belief that Nepal can be prepared quickly with the necessary materials whenever the UN wants.

Because of this, Nepal also helps to present its claims to the top positions of the UN,” he said. According to the army, till June 1, the Nepali army has worked in 43 peace missions in various conflict-affected countries.

It is currently working on 14 missions. So far, 135,343 people from the army have joined the peacekeeping force. In 1958, Nepal started working for the peace mission by sending 5 security personnel as observers to Lebanon for the first time.

After that, Nepal sent the first contingent of the old Gorkha battalion to Egypt in 1874 and worked as peacekeepers. Meanwhile, 6 force commanders are also coming from Nepal

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