The old man kept in the freezer box as dead after 20 hours regained consciousness…

The most terrifying, terrifying and mind-blowing word is death. That too is human. Do not have relatives. More than anything else! Who is not shocked when hearing, seeing, seeing and experiencing death? But to give comfort, he creates many phenomena, man. He says that I will not die, but someone else will die. Dhan, religion says that the soul does not die and science says that a person is transformed into energy after death and feels relief, man.

Time slowly forgets the death of relatives and heals the survivors. Otherwise, what would have happened! Our situation. Meanwhile, an old man who was declared dead and kept in a freezer box for 20 hours was found alive in Chennai, the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The 73-year-old old man was kept in a freezer box by his relatives saying that he was dead.

After 20 hours of keeping it in the box, he was taken to the hospital when he was found to be breathing. His condition is said to be improving now. 73-year-old Balasubramanya lived with his 70-year-old brother.

He fell unconscious on Monday. The brother thought that he was dead and got a refrigerator and a box to keep the body. After 20 hours of keeping him in the box, he found out that his brother is still alive. The police have detained him and are interrogating him.

This too

Dadeldhura: The assistant inspector of armed forces (Asai) who raised his voice saying that justice has not been done to him, has become more unjust. Armed Police Force No. 43 Reserve Gana Banbehda Darbandi and currently serving in Attaria Bahini, Asai Bijay Bogti is currently facing action.

Bogti, who lives in Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city-6 of Kailali, passed the armed police inspector’s examination some time ago. After passing the most difficult public service exam, he dreamed of having a ‘cross khunda’ on his shoulder. However, he complained that he was thrown in the name of conducting the internal examination (GTO TIO). When he posted the same complaint on social media, he had to become a party to the action. Now he has been dragged to the headquarters for the Asai examination.

It is said that there is discrimination against people in the name of East and Far West within the armed forces because of the same Asai that the inspector passes and fails again. According to sources, it is said that the organization’s Land DIGs Rajendra Basnet and Baburam Pandey threw him in the name of internal investigation. When Bogti wrote the same thing and lashed out on Facebook, an investigation is going on based on various incidents.

However, according to the recently released armed police procedure, there is a rule that officers cannot write anything on social media. Accordingly, Asai Bijay Bogti is said to have been prosecuted.

DSP Shailendra Thapa, Assistant Spokesperson of the Armed Police Headquarters, said that Bogti did not follow the conduct and military rules.

DSP Thapa informed that Bogati will be warned and not recognized in the record, or action can be taken after he is recognized in the record.

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