The of famous singer Udinarayan Jha?

The of famous singer Udinarayan Jha?

Singer Udinarayan Jha’s death is not feared. Avoid such false news

She couldn’t hold back her tears of joy after her son Sandeep got the best result in the mountain district in the Class 12 results released by the National Examination Board Examination Control Office. Another’s playing hand to hand with constant suffering

Pariyar, who has given her son higher education by working at home, became very emotional when she heard that her son, who is studying at Vidyajyoti Mavi in the village, got first with 3.71 GPA.

When her husband started torturing her daily by drinking alcohol, and even hindering her children’s education, she left home with her children saying that she would wash dishes and work at another house. After the death of her husband two years ago due to excessive alcohol consumption, she was spending her daily life with tears in her eyes.
This is also a small child who was electrocuted. After that, his condition is now very fragile, his hand is about to fall off. This innocent child is suffering the punishment of what sin, his hand holding the pen is about to rot and fall.

The financial situation is very poor, the doctor has to amputate the hand, this child is walking in pain and without money to pay the hospital.

A woman named Desh Kumari Kumal, who was living in a place named Simpani, Ward No. 6, Isma Municipality, Gulmi District, while playing with her son named Ram Bahadur Kumal, climbed an electric pole and suddenly he was electrocuted and killed.

The mother is staying at the fair, she is not taken to the hospital, but sometimes there is a problem with the bed, sometimes there is no treatment, then she takes her son to Bhairawa.

She complains that only one glucose was given and no other treatment was done but she took money of 16,000. She has taken all the money from the debt.

Even after spending so much money, what did she get? Her son’s hand is broken, she needs money for treatment, she is in a very big problem. She is carrying her son on her back and collecting donations. No one’s heart is hurt by seeing his condition. May God not give such pain to Bai’ri.

The condition of the poor father’s wound is so delicate that he cannot see it. The hand is completely swollen and bruised, and the wound on his back is starting to swell.

The hospital has to post a bond first, then she is going around collecting donations day and night. 23 lakh rupees is required as bail amount. The hospital has said that they have to amputate their hands and they are in a state of uncertainty as they need money immediately.

After working all day and eating in the evening, his financial situation is very weak, what happened to him in the situation where it is difficult to feed his stomach? She says that her stomach is also swollen, but now it is gone after applying the ointment.

This father says that he once held a small wire and did not know what happened after that. He has also contributed 30,000 rupees to some helpful people.

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