The moneylender who went to collect the debt without paying the father’s bribe, listened to the daughter and instead gave 1.5 million

The creditor, who was able to pay off the debt without raising the father’s shame, listened to his daughter and instead gave 1.5 million.

A good man in the village has become rich. While his sons and the neighborhood are getting ready to take Milli Lasa to burn, a stranger arrives.

And holding the body’s feet, he starts saying, “The man who is crying is going to take 1.5 million from me, first tell me who will pay the money, and only then take the body to be cremated.”

Now all the Malamis were standing and watching the spectacle, the boys said that the man who was crying had never talked about borrowing money from anyone.

That’s why we don’t give this money. Neighbors started to say that if the boys don’t pay, then we neighbors don’t have to pay. They want to kill the corpse, but that person is holding the corpse’s feet.

This news reaches the house. The daughters-in-law say that we do not know and are not paying the money. There was also a daughter of the crying man who came out crying.

And she takes off her jewelry to the person holding the coffin and says, “Take this jewelry.” Sell it and recover your money, but I beg you not to leave the last smile of my father.

I will pay the unpaid amount later, I will make arrangements as soon as possible. Now the person holding the tears consoles the girl and says, “Girl, I don’t know anyone here, I wanted to know about him.

The main thing is that he didn’t ask me for money, instead I asked him. I found out that he had passed away and I had to pretend to understand who should be given the loan.

Many people turn a blind eye to suddenly acquired property, I had to know the rightful owner. Take back the 1.5 million rupees and all the jewelery given to me. Only you have the right to it. In fact, a girl’s love is the support of life.

Let’s resolve to protect, educate and advance girls. The house of the one who stays in the house is the first heaven. If you like this story, please share it.

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