The husband was sure to die in 24 hours, the wife did not say that I want a child.. Then the doctor..

Her husband is everything to a woman after marriage.

She dreams of spending her beautiful life with him and raising her family. But sometimes such sorrow also comes when the husband dies before giving birth to the child. The same thing happened to a woman in Baroda last night.

The woman’s husband was on ventilator for the last two months due to Corona. His lungs had suddenly deteriorated. The doctors also raised their hands. He said to the patient’s wife that your husband has a few days left. In this case, the wife decided to place her husband’s last mark on her womb

In fact, the woman wanted to be the mother of her husband’s child before he died. It was an impossible task. The woman had 24 hours left. The woman’s words shocked everyone. Know this unique love story in detail.

This love story started 4 years ago today in Canada. Where boy and girl meet and fall in love. After this, both got married in October 2020. Four months after the marriage, the health of the woman’s father-in-law suddenly deteriorated. In this situation she came to Vadodara with her husband. Here the woman and her husband began to take care of their father-in-law. However, at this time, the woman’s husband also came under the control of Corona.

The husband was admitted to the hospital on May 10 for treatment. But his condition started to deteriorate. He fought for life and death for two months. His lungs had stopped working.

The doctors told the woman that your husband only has three days left. In this situation, the woman put a unique demand before the doctors. She said she wanted her husband’s sperm so she could have a baby in the future. This will be the last sign of her husband.

The doctors expressed respect for the woman’s love and said that according to the Medical Legal Act, sperm samples cannot be taken without the consent of the husband. In this situation, the woman went to the Gujarat High Court to file a case. The woman’s husband had only 24 hours to do all this.

The woman filed a petition in the High Court on Monday evening and requested an immediate hearing on the second day. After this, when the matter came before a two-judge bench of the High Court, they were also surprised, though surprised they gave a verdict in the woman’s favor in just 15 minutes.

Justice Ashutosh J. Shastri immediately heard the wife’s plea and directed to collect samples of the husband of the woman with severe infection for IVF Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedure. The court quickly gave this decision on humanitarian grounds. On the other hand, the mother-in-law also did not support this decision of the woman.

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