The house is for sale for 10 lakh only because of the loan. If you are interested, please contact me immediately (with contact number).

The house is for sale for 10 lakh only because of the loan. If you are interested, please contact me immediately (with contact number).

Korean company SY Panel (SY Nepal) has started its production. The company that manufactures products related to the construction of fabricated buildings has started production from this week. Various of Nepal

The company has started producing roof and wall panels in various colors in the district.

According to the company, roofs and walls of different colors will be produced from 2 to 6 inches thick. It is said that the company’s products, established with 100 percent Korean technology and investment, are earthquake resistant, cheap, and durable for 60 years.

It is said that the company, which has an authorized capital of 72 million rupees, has started panel production using modern technology for the first time in Nepal.

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28 people who went to foreign employment in one year have died in Nawalparasi (Bardghat Susta East). So far in the current financial year, those who went to foreign employment from the district have lost their lives.

According to Rituram Soti, the coordinator of the safe migration program working in the district in the field of foreign employment, 27 men and one woman have died during foreign employment this year. Among those who lost their lives, there are seven from Devchuli, six from Kawasoti, six from Madhyabindu, four from Gandakot, three from Vinayi Triveni and one from Hupsekot.

Ranjana Lamsal, the consultant of the program, said that it was found that people lost their lives due to excessive working hours, working under stress, etc. He said that due to the pressure of spending a lot of money abroad and earning a lot of money, some incidents occur when working continuously.

According to coordinator Soti, one hundred and eighty-eight cases related to foreign employment have been registered in Nawalpur in one year. According to the statistics, the number of frauds is the highest. Out of 188 cases, 188 cases are related to fraud. There are 10 cases of rescue, 30 of death and 10 of other nature.

Coordinator Soti said that 81 of the cases registered through the Safe Immigration Program have been resolved and the victims have been compensated Rs. Through the program conducted in the district, work has been done in the areas of access to information, access to justice, skill development training, psychosocial counseling and financial literacy.

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