The boy went to the hospital with his bicycle and money!!

The behavior of small children is very different from that of adults. Their way of thinking is also different. Because the way of thinking of small children is different, children often get sad over small things.

So it is the best way to cheat them. Similarly, there is a lot of talk about a child from India. Now, the child is becoming very viral on social media. The work of that child has made many people emotional. The issue of the child carrying a chicken to the hospital is being discussed a lot now.

The child is from Mizoram state of India. The child was very sad after the child’s bicycle accidentally bit one of the neighbor’s chickens. According to India, after the child’s bicycle hit a chicken, the child went to the nearby hospital with the money and the chicken.

This topic was posted on social media. Immediately after the post, thousands of shares and hundreds of people reacted on Facebook. By the time this news was prepared, the picture had been shared 85,000 times.

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