So sad news the villagers afraid

After cutting a man like Khasi Ka Te and piling the meat, are the villagers afraid of being killed?

A 50-year-old man named Indra Bahadur Magar, who was running a meat shop in Birtamod municipality of Jhapa, was killed by a knife. Indra, who had been running a meat shop in Jhapa for 4 years, was found dead by his family at night.

When we look at the scene, it is seen that Indra killed him while he was cutting meat. We have seen that he was killed in Indra’s shop and left in the river. When the police came to search with a dog, the body was found lying on the ground.

This too

Toplal Aryal/News Factory-Gulmi: Dasaentihar has just ended. Those who came to the village to share happiness and joy are in a hurry to return to their destination. However, in the family of 44-year-old Tilak Pariyar of Resunga Municipality-8, the festival brought more pain instead of joy. Due to the landslide, Tilak Pariyar lost three daughters on Dasai.

The eyes were not filled with grief on Dasaantihar, there were no three daughters in the arms, there was no home to mourn, how could there be happiness in the family. Three daughters were lost in the house. They have not been able to return to that house.

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