Sad news Rip God forbid any child be without a mother. Heartfelt tribute

Sad news Rip God forbid any child be without a mother. Heartfelt tribute

With the dream of becoming a health worker and mother, she stays on maternity leave until it’s time to give birth, hoping to spend time with her baby. As fate would have it, no more time was spent with the child. The newborn has lost its mother.

While serving the sick all our lives, we forget to serve ourselves.

Priyanka Dam (Cho Polba Dadpur Block) May your soul rest in peace.

God forbid that any child be without a mother.

This too

Agency. The husband usually gifts clothes, jewelry etc. to the wife on their wedding anniversary. Some also give expensive expensive goods. But in America, a husband gave his wife an organ as a gift

He gave his organ as a gift on his 23rd anniversary. The husband gifted the kidney to his wife who is undergoing treatment at the Memorial Regional Hospital.

Monica, 40, and Cesar, 52, married 23 years ago. Monica had been suffering from kidney problems for a few years. Due to which he was undergoing dialysis for the past two years.

Lately, doctors have been telling him that he will be healthy if he gets a kidney transplant. So her husband, a computer network technician by profession, donated a kidney. Monika is very grateful to her husband for giving her a new life.

She says, kidney disease is my genetic disease. My husband took proper care of me when I was sick and gave me encouragement for life, now on the occasion of our anniversary he even donated his kidney. I am lucky to have a husband like him

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