Relatives did not come back after being taken to the hospital, the pigeons he raised came looking for him like this (with video)

This happened some time ago. The identity of this patient has not been disclosed. A nurse shared this picture and wrote that none of her relatives who were admitted to the hospital for three days have come. Doctors and nurses have been serving him in the hospital.

A pigeon is taking care of a relative who has been admitted to the hospital but does not come back. It stays around the patient and never leaves him. The nurse later found out the reason why the pigeon did not leave the patient. She has also made that public.

The old man used to feed the pigeon everyday sitting on a bench in the garden next to the sick hospital lake. The nurse made this post public when she was surprised to see such humanity even in a bird.

This picture has now gone viral on social media. Social media user Sheshkant Gautam also made this public and wrote that according to the nurse who took this picture, it has been 3 days since this old man was admitted to the hospital for treatment. Even till today none of his family members, relatives and friends have come to inquire about him.

But after 2 days, a pigeon comes one by one, sits on his bed and flies away again. Later it was discovered that the old man used to feed the pigeons daily sitting on a bench in the garden near the hospital. (Speechless Angel)

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