Recently, a severe fire, theof daughter 25-year-old Asmita?

49-year-old KC’s three-storey house caught fire, 25-year-old daughter Asmita died

Galeshwar: 49-year-old Atmaram KC and 41-year-old Harisharan KC, residents of Raitol Upper Kundol, Galeshwar Madhyapurthimi Municipality-6, died this morning when a fire broke out in the three-storey house.

Raju Pandey, Deputy Superintendent of Police of the Metropolitan Police Complex informed that 25-year-old Asmita, the daughter of Atmaram, who was paralyzed and mentally retarded, died at home at 9:30 a.m. in the fire at around 8 o’clock this morning.

He informed that 14-year-old Nitma KC, daughter of Harisharan of the same house, was rescued and taken to Nepal Korea Maitri Municipal Hospital for treatment.

He informed that after the fire broke out in the morning, the fire was brought under control at 9 am with the help of Nepal Police, Nepal Army, Armed Police Force, two fire engines of Judh Baruna Yantra and local residents. The police informed that further investigation is underway and the damage details are being collected

Anita Khadka and Vinod Khadka hardly know this couple. This couple is known as a model couple of Nepal. The reality of this couple, which has gone viral from Tiktok, is very romantic and full of intimacy.]

Recently Anita’s health has improved a lot. At some point, Anita’s body weight decreased to 27 kg. But now Anita is very fat. Now her weight has increased to 55 kg. Now she can sit without anyone’s help, she can eat normal things by herself, she knows people and is very happy.
This too

Anita’s family, which is going through a very sad time after the operation failed, is now happy and mostly sad, happy that Anita is not able to walk and sad that her treatment is stopped due to lack of money. It was the first time that a man like God had cried like this, for Anita’s good health

Lately, Anita Khadka’s health has been gradually improving. Her mother is staying in the hospital after taking good care of Anita. Binod can only come sometimes because of the work he has to do and the responsibility of raising the expenses for Anita’s treatment is on his shoulders. He comes to see her and he tries his best to keep Anita happy and finally the day comes and it is difficult to leave again.

Anita’s health had improved a lot in the last few days and her face was glowing. She was getting better day by day. At the same time, Anita’s God-like husband Binod took her from the hospital to his house in Gulmi and took her to sleep in his arms. Aiming at Anita, Binod took her home from the hospital saying that she would celebrate this great festival of Dashain at home. As soon as she reached home, Anita looked very happy with her mother, brothers and other members. It happened. Not only that, but also the video of Anita singing a song, from painting the house to digging the garden, also went viral.

Even though Purna Anita was going to undergo surgery again, the video of her completing the puja sitting in the lap of God like Binod and performing puja at home to get rid of all her planet dashas also went viral.

Now Anita was going to undergo a very important and very scary operation, and all the family was crying at the airport. As everyone has been supporting us so far, they thanked everyone and appealed to everyone to help us when the day will come when more help is needed. After the doctor also said that the next operation is God Bharosa, the show Anita Parivar is over.

In the same way, Anita was being prepared for her operation by keeping her on ventilator as it was her last surgery. There was a huge crowd at the hospital to see and meet her, as well as many relatives including her husband. We prayed to God that her surgery would be successful.

Anita, who spoke with the help of a techstem tube, had problems with her respiratory tract, which made it difficult for her to breathe and at times she felt as if her breath had stopped. The techstem tube either improves or deteriorates the inner part, but Anita’s inner part is improving, so the doctors suggested to wear the T tube for another three months. While this was happening, Anita seemed to be back to her previous state, she could neither speak nor make a sound nor wake up. .

Now Anita’s health has completely deteriorated. Just a few days ago, Anita was taken to the full operation theater in this Serofero. As she had to be operated repeatedly, the family looked very sad and worried. The family prays to God to see her come back as healthy as before. When Anita was going to the operation theater, she was crying, which is normal for anyone to cry.

But we would like to inform everyone that the very misleading news about Anita’s death that was spread is completely false. We want to express our grief towards those media who cultivate ordinary views and dollars. Journalism has given freedom but Yash’s intention is not to do this to living people. Who would have imagined what happened in that family when such news was going viral. Humans should not forget humanity. We wish Anita a speedy recovery.

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