Radha is crying and says that Anita’s condition is getting worse and worse. How can I leave? Please everyone pray. Let’s watch the video.

Kathmandu: Anita Khadka, who has been undergoing treatment for a long time, has returned to her old condition after almost 3 years. Everyone knows that she has been in a critical condition in the hospital bed for a long time, and many people cry when they see her condition. The family’s dream of telling the news that Anita has recovered after this operation has been unfulfilled.

As the operation was not successful, another pain has entered the family, she can’t even stand to speak anymore, now she looks the same as Anita was before. Even if the doctor says she will recover, it will take more time to treat Anita, Binodki sister Radha informed.

Anita Khadka’s family is under stress as she is unable to speak anymore. Her husband has returned to work. He returned to work after not having money for treatment
Binod. Even though there was help, Binod had to go back to work because he did not get enough help for treatment.

Her sister Radha is still in the hospital. According to Radha, Anita has become more difficult and she has said that it is difficult to handle her. Binod always calls out to God for Anita. His family has always trusted Anita’s life to God.

This may be the reason why Binod and his sister Radha want to give most of the happiness in the world to Anita. We have reached the hospital and tried to talk about the latest situation.

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