Please read this situation of the son while beating his mother-in-law and share it once

Step-daughter’s mother’s beating, please touch the photo and share it so that this photo reaches the baby’s father.

This photo has now become public on social media. When her husband was not at home, her mother beat her up

This photo has been made public on social media saying that it has created a situation.

Likewise, CPN-UML Vice President Bhim Rawal has announced his resignation as a member of the House of Representatives

Madhav Kumar, a senior UML leader who came to the parliament secretariat to resign from the post of MP, told him that he was prepared to go to the parliament building in Naya Baneshwar and submit his resignation to the speaker.

According to him, he was forced to resign from his post after unethical politics started taking place within the party while he stood in favor of party unity.

On the 10-point agreement to unify the party, the Oli group seemed positive, but Madhav said that he was going to resign from the post of MP saying that he had been completely rejected by Nepal.

In addition, he announced that he will resign from the post even though the MPs close to Nepal pressured him not to resign from the post.


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