Please don’t forget to share as a tribute to Nepali girl Prakriti Malla who writes the best letters in the world! (street)

Please don’t forget to share as a tribute to Nepali girl Prakriti Malla who writes the best letters in the world! (street)

At the age of nine, Prakriti Malla was studying in class 5, when she was in that class, a copy fell on Malla’s hand! Abhishek Lopchan’s brother, who is studying in the upper class of the school he is studying. As her daughter’s handwriting was excellent compared to other students in the class, her father Prahlad Kumar brought Lopchan’s handwriting to the house to show her.

‘As soon as I got the copy in my hand, I couldn’t say anything.’ Remembering that moment three years ago, 12-year-old Malla said, ‘I turned the copy upside down, I thought that such an unwiliable (unbelievable) letter can be written.’ She was excited. “Since that time, I also thought that I would write the letter ‘Unwilliwal'”, she blurted out the promise she had made in her heart at that time.

According to that promise, she practiced daily. The results of class 8 student of Bhaktapur’s Sainik School came out, after looking at the letters, everyone responded, ‘Unreliable handwriting’. As if typed by a typist, the grain of single letters, clean without any Kermet, attractive and tempting letters! After winning the Valleywide Inter School Handwriting Contest, his handwriting became viral on social media.

That handwriting, which has spread on Facebook and Twitter, has been shared by thousands, millions of likes, comments and tweets have been received. The comments on social media are ‘surprised’ after seeing his letter. Many who said ‘Wow!’ have another reaction, ‘God gifted handwriting!’ How was it possible? Today, Thoi, Thoi, than Today, Shortlying the rate of the voluntary rate was betterover, and many teachers quit about him.

Teachers began to openly praise Prakriti’s handwriting in the classroom and at school. As soon as I saw the copy, I also practiced regularly thinking that I should write better handwriting than that copy. I focused on how to make letters better. During the day, I only spent time writing one or two pages of handwriting.” She explained the secret of success. “The main thing is practice, practice makes the impossible possible.”

He thought that writing good handwriting is also a kind of skill and art. That is why she collected samples of good handwriting. She wondered how to write good letters. What is the shape of the letter on the Internet? I started looking for it myself,’ she said, ‘I always made a routine and did handwriting.

“Calligraphy” has helped to make his handwriting even more excellent, not only to the reader but also to the writer who can read the beautiful, archaic character.

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