Parents found their 18-year-old daughter’s missing body after 1 year after refusing to marry.

A Pakistani family killed their 18-year-old daughter in Italy. The only reason was that an educated girl did not agree to come to Pakistan and get married as per the wishes of her family.

When the family pressed for the marriage, when they refused, they were killed and the body disappeared. After a year, after the skeleton of a girl was found in Italy, once again this murder and barbarism of a Pakistani family is being discussed in Europe.

The Prime Minister of Italy has also given a statement regarding this incident. He tweeted that ‘justice will be given to the innocent girl’. 18-year-old Saman Abbas was living with her family in Novelera, Italy. His family members were old-fashioned.

They did not want their daughter to get married in Europe. They were pressuring her to get married in Pakistan. After refusing, all the family members killed Saman.

Many kinds of stories are coming out about Saman’s identity. It is also being claimed in the European media that members of Saman’s family know about her boyfriend. Due to which he rejected the summons.

In April 2021, Saman A’chanak went missing. Her family members said that she ran away with her boyfriend. While the police had doubts about them. Meanwhile, the entire family fled Italy.

Saman’s father was arrested in Pakistan and his uncle was arrested in France. His mother is still missing. He is said to be hiding somewhere in Pakistan.

Pakistan is notorious around the world for honor killings. A few years ago, the famous case of Qandeel Baloch came to light here, in which the model’s brother killed her in a fit of rage because she shared pictures and videos on social media.

According to a report by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, 474 cases of honor killings were reported across the country last year. While according to non-governmental statistics, this number is around one thousand every year.

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