O Lord! What happened, save me, I want to live (watch the video)

O Lord! What happened, save me, I want to live (watch the video)

A 6-year-old father in Dharan who used to dance, jump, play and was so fat until a year ago. But now after a year, he has dried up in such a way that it is natural for anyone to cry when he sees him. He keeps crying all the time. are done, his body is completely dry.

In that family, the only thing that has happened is the grandfather’s two kidneys have failed, and it feels so sad that God has left this family alone. After the doctor said that the father’s disease is mental, there is no treatment for the show disease, and now the family is completely devastated.

They were taken from Kathmandu to Siliguri with the hope of treatment, but after receiving no positive news from anyone, the family finally decided to keep this father at home and watch him.
This too
Those who don’t read will be in a big trouble. Read the whole thing and your heart will be fulfilled.

Within 7 days, the work you think will be done, don’t ignore it at all, write and share it

Within seven days, the work you thought will be done, don’t ignore it at all.

Let’s write and share!!! If only OM is uttered, the power of debi debata of the whole universe is given. So share it within 30 seconds of seeing it.

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The risk of oral cancer is high due to smoking and consumption of tobacco products. It is necessary to recognize the symptoms of cancer in order to treat it in time.

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