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From the moment you die, your identity begins to become a corpse. Hey… bring the lass. … pick up the lass. .. Put Las to sleep. Those people who call you by the same words will not call you by your name
For which you spent your whole life. Dance again. Feel those joys. Pose like crazy to take photos. Be like a very small child.

Because death is not the greatest loss of life. It’s a pity, even though you are alive, the hope of living life inside you is disappearing. Living a happy life every moment is called life. Life is short, every moment I am happy. I’m happy at work, I’m happy when I’m resting, today there’s no meat in the meal, I’m happy with the pulses, I don’t have a car today, I’m happy even walking, I’m not with my friends, I’m also happy alone, someone is angry today, he is angry Even though I know, I am happy. I am also happy to hear the voice of the one whom I cannot see. I am happy even thinking of him whom I cannot have.

The days of yesterday have passed, I am happy even in his sweet memory. I don’t know about tomorrow, I am also happy in waiting. Laughing and playing time passes, even today I am happy. Life is short, I am happy every moment. If the above articles touch your mind, please reply.

This too
Kathmandu. After the death of his son, one married his own daughter-in-law. A 70-year-old man married his 28-year-old daughter-in-law in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. The picture of both of them went viral on social media.

At this time, this news has become a topic of discussion. According to information, this incident is related to Badhalganj Chowki area of Gorakhpur. Kailash Yadav is a resident of Chhapia Umrao village, he is a watchman at Barhalganj police station.

He is married to daughter-in-law Pooja. Kailash is 70 years old and Pooja is 28 years old. There is a gap of 42 years between this couple. That’s why many people are confused about this matter. Kailash’s wife had died 12 years ago. He had four children.

But one son died a few years ago. After his death, his daughter-in-law Pooja was living in the same house. Kailash then married her. The news that both of them got married by mutual consent has been published.

After the death of his son, Kailash married another daughter-in-law. However, after some problems arose in that marriage, Pooja returned to her old home. After returning home, she came to her in-laws for the first time. Then Kailash married his daughter-in-law for Pooja’s future.

This has also reached the police. The police mentioned that they came to know about this marriage from the viral picture. According to the police, no complaint has been filed in this regard.

According to the police, this is a mutual affair between two people. It has also been clarified that the police can investigate if a complaint is made.

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