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Na 6 P 7705 No. Ko Hero Motorcycle crashed at 11:00 last night at Lalka Pul Nir Durgatna in Jeetpur. A man is being treated in an unconscious condition at Birganj Health Care Hospital on ventilator. Anyone who knows please contact the hospital.
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Also read: Kathmandu: The newly elected president of Rashtriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) Rajendra Lingden has announced that within 6 months everyone will be unanimous in favor of Rajsantha and Hindu Rashtra.

Reacting to his election as the president, he said that he will unite all the union organizations and parties that want Rajsantha and Hindu Rashtra, which are outside the RPP.

We will build a national power by uniting all the individuals, groups, organizations and parties who want a Rajsantha and Hindu Rashtra outside the RPP. And, on the basis of that power, we are preparing for the election and we are also starting the street struggle. We will establish the kingdom from wherever it is possible,” said Lingden to News Factory.

He said that by correcting the shortcomings of the RPP, the Congress will not only be an alternative to the Communist Party, but a party that will win the hearts of the people.

“In the 31-year history of the RPP, it is at its weakest state as it is getting weaker and weaker,” he said, “It is not even as a national party.” We united our divided party again. Even after two years of unification, our leaders did not show any signs of improvement and development in the party.

In the meantime, if there were major national issues and events, it was not known where the RPP was in that situation. Not only did they not act like that, but instead they quarreled.


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