No matter how busy you are, take 2 minutes and read it: Your life will definitely change…

From the moment you die, your identity begins to become a corpse. Hey… bring the lass. … pick up the lass. .. Put Las to sleep.

Those people who call you by the same words will not call you by your name, for which you have spent your whole life. Dance again. Feel those joys.

Pose like crazy to take photos. Be like a very small child. Click below to watch the full video of this news because death is not the greatest loss in life.

It’s a shame, even though you are alive, the hope of living life inside you is disappearing. Living a happy life every moment is called life. Life is short, every moment I am happy. I’m happy at work, I’m happy when I’m resting today, there’s no meat in the meal, I’m happy even with the pulses, I don’t have a car today, I’m happy even walking, I’m not with friends, I’m happy alone. Someone is angry today, he is angry. I’m glad I know.

I am happy to hear the voice of the one whom I cannot see. I am happy even thinking about him whom I cannot have. The days of yesterday have passed, I am happy even in his sweet memory. I don’t know about tomorrow, I am also happy in waiting. Time is passing by laughing and playing, even today I am happy. Life is short, I am happy every moment. If the above articles touch your mind, please reply. Otherwise I am happy with no answer.

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