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Pyuthan’s Naubahini village council ward no. 1 Bom in the middle of the night in an under-construction house in Syauliwang b. Malla along with his wife and two and a half year old son had to die in the same bed.

In a family of seven members, the eldest daughter passed away and the remaining three daughters managed to survive because they slept in separate rooms.

We request all of you to help those little four sisters who are sheltering in their relative’s house as they need your help.

Sandeep Lamichhane, the captain of the Nepali national cricket team, who was arrested after being accused of rape, has been in police custody for 5 days. The district court in Kathmandu has allowed him to be detained until Wednesday and investigated at the Tribhuvan International Airport last Thursday while he was traveling through Doha, Qatar.

On Monday, the police made him appear in the court for an extension. Although the police asked for 10 days, the court gave three days less. Sandeep Lamichhane has requested that his case be resolved quickly.

Even when he was brought to the court for an extension on Monday, his lawyer made such a request to the judge. During the adjournment, the judge asked Sandeep if he had anything to say. In that regard, he has claimed that he is innocent as in his previous statement.

He also told the court how Sandeep’s lawyer reached Nagarkot. His statement has already started in the Rohbar of the public prosecutor. In the statement, Sandeep has said that he reached Nagarkot according to Zaherwala’s preplan. Zaherwali, who is said to be a minor, told her friends about going to Nagarkot.

When he offered to go to Nagarkot, I told him not to go there and drink tea and coffee at Durbarmarg. I’m in camp. I said I will go out tomorrow. Let’s come, I really want to see the scenes of Kathmandu from there,” Sandeep told the bench. Sandeep said that it would be late for him to return after reaching Nagarkot and he told Zaherwali that the hostel would be closed when he returned, but he said that it would not be the case.

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