Manoj 65-year-old man who was a beggar on the pretext of not giving a bindi

Kanchanrup, 4 July. A young man has killed a 65-year-old man on the pretext of not giving a bindi to Saptari Kanchanrupa. 28-year-old Manoj Paswan of Kanchanrup Municipality-10 Badgama was arrested, according to ELA Police Office Kanchanrup.

A 65-year-old man was found dead in the waiting room of the former bus station at 8 Berrier Chowk in Kanchanrup on the morning of June 31.

According to the police, the beggar was eating cotton bidi in the waiting room and when he wanted to eat it too, Manoj asked for a bidi.

But Manoj has stated that when the person started to abuse him without giving him a bidi, he hit him on the head four or five times with a bamboo stick that was nearby and ran away.

Police arrested Paswan on Wednesday after it was revealed that Paswan was involved in the murder of a 65-year-old man while investigating by Kanchanrup of Ela Police Office.

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