‘Lati Barahi’ who makes the unable to speak, who makes the poor rich, has such a unique glory:

‘Lati Barahi’ who makes the unable to speak, who makes the poor rich, has such a unique glory:

The shrine ‘Lati Barahi’ located in Vaidyapani Shimle, Bhimad Municipality, Ward No. 8 of Tanahun has gained fame as a place of prayer for non-speaking children. Due to the belief that children who do not speak can be brought to the temple and worshiped there, pilgrims from various districts such as Tanahun, Kaski etc. have done

Vishnu Khanal, a local resident, said that based on the ancient folk belief of praying for non-speaking children, pilgrims come with children for vows and general worship.

Stating that the exact date of the establishment of the temple has not yet been found, he narrated his experience of seeing only ordinary stones and stones at that place during his childhood.

According to him, in recent times, Mahila Jagran Ama Group has tried to organize this place by building Lati Barahi temple. The peculiarity of this place is that waves sometimes break out at the place where Maulo is buried in the temple complex in Kharkare Pahroka Bensi.

Sharda Khanal, a member of the mother group, informed that the temple was built 15 years ago by the activities of the mother group.

Vishwanath Khanal, a local social worker, says that since ancient times, the dignity and importance of Lati Barahi has increased due to the belief that it provides the power to speak to non-speaking children.

“With the public belief that children who cannot speak can speak, this pilgrimage site has not been widely publicized,” he said. He argues that the prosperity and development potential of Kyandi region including Bhavar as a whole can be exposed with the promotion of such a pilgrimage site.

Chudamani Khanal, the leader of Nepali Congress and General Assembly representative, said that due to the lack of motorable bridge, the cultivable Bhavar, Vaidyapani, Araudi and other Kyangdi areas including the Lati Barahi shrine are lagging behind. He said that the work is going on at a snail’s pace.

According to Khanal, there is a lot of potential for commercial agriculture due to the wide area of Samthar, but due to the lack of bridges, every potential here is wasted.

Locals say that the place is named Vaidyapani due to the importance of Lati Barahi temple, in ancient times, the water of this place was used as a medicine by Vaidyas and various health problems are cured after drinking this water.

They complain that there is a lot of potential for vegetable and fruit farming along with fish farming, but due to the lack of bridges, the agricultural products here are not able to find the market easily.

Initially, due to the lack of settlement development in this area, a Jogi named Araudi operated a furnace and this place is known as Araudi Bhatti after his name.

Prakash Bhattarai, a young man from Dhorfirdi, said that while completing the under-construction bridge, it is necessary to promote and develop places like Siddha Cave, Lati Barahi, which are important for tourism in this area.

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