Kathai! 16-month-old child drowned in cooking pot and , the mother fainted and the family cried.

A 16-month-old child’s mother drowned in cooking pot and died, the family wails. It is suspected that the toy fell into the pot while playing and tried to take it out.

About half an hour later, he was found with his legs upright. He is from Jhapa. At first, they searched for him somewhere on the road, but when he was finally found in such a condition, there was a big storm in the family.

This too
Why do you get a ‘hangover’ after drinking too much alcohol and how to avoid it?

But the result – after the night’s party is over, the head starts to feel heavy, vomiting and retching starts. Fatigue is experienced. People call it a ‘hangover’ after drinking too much. Hilsa says that eating pickled fish, eating eggs or eating oysters will cure hangovers.

People often report a hangover after drinking too much alcohol. Again, the friend who forced you to drink too much the day before is also telling you how to get rid of the hangover the next day. But what will refresh you? Is there any such way?

This is a challenge that is thousands of years old
How to get rid of a hangover is not the problem today. A 1900-year-old scroll found in Egypt contained a way to get rid of it.

In other words, even at that time, people were puzzled by the problems caused by drinking too much alcohol and were looking for a solution to it. The measures suggested in that manifesto are difficult to implement in practice today.

But even today there are many ways to get rid of hangover. For example, eating fried meat of a bird called canary, eating raw eggs, drinking lamb juice, eating oysters prepared with sauce or something similar – etc.

The funny thing is that none of these remedies are guaranteed to solve the hangover problem you’re having after drinking too much alcohol. After a certain period of time, this problem disappears by itself. In that sense, the hangover goes away with time.

The main reason for this is that till date it is not clear why hangover occurs.

Why do you have a hangover?
What science says is that when we experience a hangover after drinking too much alcohol, or say when the head starts to ache and we feel dizzy, there is no alcohol left in our body.

So why the hangover?

Xy is formed from ethanol. It is broken down by enzymes in our body and converted into various other chemicals.

The most important of these is acetaldehyde. Enzymes break it down further and turn it into another chemical, acetate. This acetate is chemically converted into fatty acids and water. Some scientists believe hangovers are caused by this acetaldehyde. But some studies show that this chemical doesn’t have a clear connection with hangovers.

Some experts say that hangovers are caused by other chemicals added to alcohol. They are called congeners.

Many other substances are also released during whiskey making. People experience his presence only after drinking too much.

Its content is higher in strong colored liquors. So drinking bourbon gives you more of a hangover feeling than drinking the same vodka. But its effect varies from person to person.

Also, the effects of drinking or hangovers also vary depending on the age of the drinker and the amount consumed.

Why is fatigue experienced?

In fact, hangovers are not caused by just one. There are various reasons for this. Drinking alcohol disturbs the balance of hormones in our body.

At this time, people start urinating more than usual. This leads to less water in their body.

A heaviness or headache is also associated with this.

Alcohol also affects sleep. Often people drink late at night. As a result they don’t get enough sleep. This is also why they experience fatigue. Click below to watch the full video of this news

Joris C Verster, a professor at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, says, “After drinking too much alcohol, our body starts to fight it so that it doesn’t do too much damage to our body. That’s why people look like they’ve drunk too much.”

There are many hangover remedies written on the internet.

Some people say that eating a banana gives them relief. Because drinking alcohol destroys the potassium in the body, and eating a banana fills up the lack of potassium in the body. But potassium deficiency is not caused by drinking alcohol overnight, which can be quickly replenished by eating bananas.

Some people suggest eating a greasy breakfast in the morning to get rid of a hangover. Some people say that you should eat full before drinking.

Some people recommend eating eggs. Chemicals called amino acids in eggs are used to break down acetaldehyde. That is why it is said that eating eggs gives relief. But such elements are also found in other foods. Please click below to watch the full video of this news

For now, the best way to recover from a hangover is to rest, drink plenty of water, and take an aspirin.

Eating a good meal before drinking and drinking alcohol slowly can help reduce hangovers.

And the best way is not to drink too much alcohol.

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