Karishma says about the fine of the film: Balen advertised 5 lakhs

Actress Karisma Manandhar has said that the Kathmandu Metropolitan City has benefited from the action taken against her new film ‘Bagan’.

Manandhar said that after the metropolis imposed a fine of 50,000 on the film ‘Bagan’, Balen advertised it for 500,000.

Sharing a picture of the special show of the film, she wrote, “The city fined us 50,000 and advertised for 5 lakh. Who says that Balenji does not love Nepali cinema? Jai Bagan, Jai Balen.’

Bagan was fined Rs 50,000 by the metropolis for littering the walls of Kathmandu with movie posters.

This too

A person has been arrested for possessing suspicious items in Sinamangal, Kathmandu.

According to SP Sitaram Rizal of Police Complex Kathmandu, Khazanji Paswan of Rautahat was arrested on the charge of possessing suspicious items.

On Wednesday morning, a suspicious object was found on the road from Kathmandu Medical College to Old Baneshwar.

Now the Nepali army team has disposed of the suspicious item. A pamphlet targeting Khotang Halesi Jewelers was also found along with the item.

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