“It’s not a lie, the price of the land, Perti Kattha is only Rs 80,000, read it completely”

Dang Tulsipur sub-metropolitan city, Ward No. 1 Chote, 1 bigha land is for sale at the rate of 99,000 per hectare and suitable numbered land is for sale for paddy farming, goat rearing, vegetable farming, buffalo rearing, fish rearing.

Water has its own 24 hour private water source.

It takes only 3 minutes to walk from the village and the route road is also reached. It is a very cheap land and it is going to be rented and sold and we will teach you how to get to this land. To get to this land, first come to Dang Tulsipur Bus Park and go west from the bus park.

On Khalatpur Road and passing through Aswar, Bhamke comes. After going south from Bhamke School, go 3 km to a place called Chhote. The people there tell everyone where the small land is for sale. It is only 11 km away from Tulsipir Bus Park. It takes 25 minutes by car and 20 minutes by bike. reaches

Land is very cheap and don’t be fooled by calling land brokers. Land brokers will trap you, you can go to that place yourself. Thank you! Buy soil and make life. “Prent Dang Ghaderi Real Estate Sales Center”

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