It took me not being able to see the world well. If you have mercy, please touch the photo and write .

Not being able to see the world well, it took the sinner Daib to write a scathing rip. Please write the last rep.

Without being able to see the world well, the evil devil took it away. Please write a letter for the peace of the father’s soul. So that the soul of the father may rest in peace.

Also read: Mangaladevi Shakya, a resident of Baglung Municipality-3, who has been without contact since October 6, was found dead today after five days.

Shakya, who suddenly lost contact with her home, was found dead on the road to Nirayaghat in Baglung Municipality-1 Lampata, District Police Office Baglung said. The family said that Shakya, who was generally ill, left home on the morning of 6th.

Information Officer and Deputy Superintendent of Police Ganga Thapa informed that Shakya, who had left home for a long time, was found in Bhir near Lampata in Ramrekha after she did not return for a long time.
As the body was found a little below the road, it seems that he fell down, further investigation is going on,” said Thapa. According to the police, the body was handed over to the family after legal proceedings.

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