Indian hero Sunil Setti rescued 128 Nepalese girls from Bombay prison and returned them to Nepal on rent.

After rescuing 128 Nepalese girls from their Bombay home, they returned to Nepal on their own. Sunil Setty, the Indian hero, has fought gangsters and helped people in their time of need.

But did you know he was a savior in real life too? This Bollywood actor has saved more than a hundred women of Nepal from human trafficking. Sunil, with the help of the police, social workers and his mother-in-law, arranged plane tickets to bring the woman who had been sold to India back to Nepal. She said that

In the video, she said, “On February 5, 1996, police and social workers surrounded the entire brothel area of Kamathipura.” They took us out and rescued us. After the rescue, our government refused to bring us back. They

Said that we don’t have our birth certificate or citizenship card. She said, “At that time, the hero of the film, Sunil Shetty, supported us. He arranged flight tickets for the 128 rescued women to go to Kathmandu

He said that a film can be made on such themes. He also said that he worked very hard to return 128 women to Nepal. He told Bollywood Hungama, “We didn’t think about the price of the flight ticket. Cost was not that important. that

Work was calculated. My mother-in-law started the Save the Children NGO, which is still active today. We all have a stake in it. Inspiration comes from him. She was the one who decided to save the girls and risk getting into the mafia’s bad books

did Sunil played a role in bringing them back with the help of Mumbai Police and Naresh Goyal’s Jet Airways. ‘Heraferi’ actor Shetty said that the women he rescued remembered his name. Because I

I am an actor,” he said, “but many people worked hard. More than money, we all wanted to help this woman and free her from the mafia.

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