Husband took wife’s life less than 3 months after marriage (with video)

Especially young people take the day of love as an opportunity to express their unexpressed love for each other. On the day of Love Day, all the loving couples are uploading the pictures of their husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends on social media to express their feelings of love.

On the one hand, husbands are exchanging love with gifts like roses, chocolates, teddies, etc. to make their wives happy, on the other hand, 28-year-old Krishna Bahadur Khadka has beaten and killed his 27-year-old Parbati BC in Dailekh. District Police Office Dailekh informed that 28-year-old Krishna Bahadur Khadka of Gurans Rural Municipality 8 Garcha beat and killed his 27-year-old wife Parvati BC.

Chief DSP Kishore Lamsal of District Police Office Dailekh has informed that Krishna Bahadur killed him with a stick after a family dispute between husband and wife on Monday at 10:30 pm. DSP Lamsal said that there were only two people living in the house and after a dispute, the husband hit the door with a wooden stick and died on the spot.

According to local residents, there was a dispute between husband and wife for the past few days. After the dispute escalated, Krishna Bahadur killed his wife Parvati. The police said that there was a problem in the investigation because the victim could not hear. DSP Lamsal has informed that the body has been sent to Dailekh District Hospital for post-mortem. . They got married last November 26.

According to the police, both were physically disabled. It has been found that the husband is deaf and unable to speak, and the wife is also physically disabled. DSP Lamsal said that further investigation is being done on the incident. DSP Lamsal informed that during the post-mortem at the Dailekh District Hospital, it was found that grass had been pulled into the mouth of the deceased and teeth had also fallen out.

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