Her own father was afraid to keep his son, why should he raise his daughter?

Madan Ayidi son of Dhanbire Ayyidi of Dadeldhura District Pusuram Municipality Ward No. 1 Badapathi killed his two-year-old daughter Karisma inside the hotel room in a place called Rukho Taluka of Satara District of Maharashtra State, India, after killing his two-year-old daughter Karisma inside the hotel room. I will kill you in the same way.

I was afraid to threaten. After 13 days, she did not manage to call her uncle. From his uncle, this news reached the general secretary of Far West Nepali Society of India, Mahadeb Bhatt Jr. and he reported to Sup Samaj in Pune and we reached Teta Gayam on the second day, taking 9 hours.

Madan’s wife Gita did not tell the news that Madan had beaten her daughter for two days while staying there and on the third day she had strangled her son to keep her scared.

That’s why we sent Gita to Pune and on the 17th, the Far West Nepali Society Pune and Mr. Kedar Mahonyal Travels agreed to release him and today he has reached Dhangadhi/he has reached Nepal and met his father!

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