Heartfelt condolences. A 26-year-old woman died on the way due to childbirth complications

A pregnant woman died on the way while being taken to the hospital for treatment. 26-year-old Janki Vick Luhar of Badimalika Municipality-11 Pinalekh of the district died on the way because she could not give birth.

Her husband Ramesh Vick informed that Janaki, who was referred by District Hospital Bajura, died on the way while being taken to Mahendranagar in Kanchanpur by bus.

Ramesh took Janaki to Mahendranagar in a bus after Bajura referred her to the hospital, who was about to have a second child. After reaching Choukhutte, the border of Achham and Doti, he was uncomfortable.

The bus driver took her to Byalpata Hospital in Acham by jeep saying that the bus was difficult and the life of the pregnant woman was in danger. Janaki died on the way while being taken to Bayalpata hospital in a jeep.

Aheb Bhawani Dhungana working at Byalpata Hospital said that the pregnant woman died on the way. She said that only dead bodies were taken to the hospital. Aheb Dhungana also told about the baby in the stomach.

On January 4, relatives brought Janaki to Bajura headquarters for examination. The hospital gave me medicine and sent me home. Bajura brought Janaki to the hospital on January 8 after suffering from labor pains.

The hospital had referred Janaki to a well-equipped hospital as she had heart disease. Ramesh’s plan was to buy a bus ticket and take him to Delhi via Mahendranagar as he did not have the money to take an ambulance

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