He bought a new house and went to Qatar, his mother, wife, two daughters, and one son died without being able to pay the loan. This should never happen to anyone.

Madhav Poudel of Kushma Municipality-3 Durlung in Parbat bought another house in the village after his old house was in a state of collapse and moved his family there.

When the house built by his father when he was young became unfit for living, he bought the house of a woman in the village. It will be 2 years since the family of 6, including an elderly mother, moved into the house they bought.

His father left him when he was young. On top of that, he bought the house of a single old woman in the village as he felt that he could not build a new house because of his financial situation.

No one from Madhav’s family, who left his family of 5 in the same house and went to Qatar for employment, remains. Last Thursday night, when Pa-hi-ro, who came from above the house, reached home, he told his mother,

Wife, two daughters and one son all a-kaira-tama gu-ma-e. 70-year-old mother Kaushilya, 35-year-old wife Bhagwati, were killed in the landslide at around 2:30 in the night.

Daughters 15-year-old Vimala and 11-year-old Vinita along with 9-year-old son Vinod were lost forever. “After buying the old house built by my father, he bought a new house and moved his family to Qatar.

Before he could return, the family was destroyed by the landslide,” said the ward president Tej Prasad Padhya, “He is a simple and very friendly person of the village, so much trouble happened to him.”

According to Tej Prasad, he bought that house for 2 years for a sum of Rs. Again to pay the balance of the house and for the la-lanpa-lan of the family

He told that Madhav, who had gone, had nothing left of his family. After the death of his father at a young age, he was fulfilling the responsibility of raising his elderly mother and family, he said.

He said not to cremate until he comes, how can he see the dead bodies of 5 people? We are not able to think of anything. Madhav informed that he will come tomorrow from Qatar.

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