Hardly! Son-in-law did not come to see mother-in-law even when mother’s body was decomposed, they say they will come to do kiriya after death (with video)

Gulmi. The budget debate is going on in the union and the state. The local government is busy with budget changes. The activists are singing the praises of the leaders by posting the schemes included in the province on Facebook.

However, even though the video of Putli Rana of Musikot Municipality-3 showing rotting legs and falling worms is going viral on social media, no one is paying attention. His house is Badigad Rural Municipality-2 Danian of Baglung. She has been living in Maiti village Musikot for three years as her children stopped seeing her after her husband’s death

There is a small house made by Maiti. There was gas even after the arm-perm. Three months ago, he burned his leg while cooking. There was no treatment. As the wound is getting worse, now he is sick due to worms. Click below to watch the full video of this news.
He is not even able to get up and walk. Being alone at home, she was relieved of hunger by the kindness of her neighbor. However, now she has lost her life as her life is dying daily. She urinates in bed.

No one tries to enter the room when they start smelling of feces and feet. There is no hope of eating now” she cried and said, “Take me away sooner than living.” Putli has a son and a daughter. Daughter got married. The son is living with his family in India. Locals called about the mother’s condition. However, they did not care.

Neighbors allege that although Shankar Rayamazhi, the ward president of Musikot Municipality-3, was informed about the doll, there was no arrangement for treatment. As the condition of Putli worsened, the neighbors also came to help in the treatment.

I have finished eating Zenten so far. How can I be a person who works and eats alone?” said the local Juna Rana.

They do not want to help because they have to stay in the hospital for a long time. Seeing his painful condition, there was a lot of tongue-biting and eye-rolling. If the local government or any government agency does not find an option to treat Rana in time, it is certain that he will die.
According to the health coordinator of Musikot municipality, DB GC, the municipality has a health treatment and relief fund procedure. Based on the procedure, the mayor himself gets to give five to twenty-five thousand depending on the family’s financial situation.

He said that the decision of the executive is needed for more support. But there is a problem with the person who takes the victim Putli Rana for treatment. Jisi said that since there was no one to accompany him in the treatment due to both physical and mental problems, he could not help.

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