Hardly! Eight (8) people from the same family had the same grave!

On Tuesday morning, they reached Chhewar (Vratabandh) in Bethanchok-5 Chalty with a family of 12 including grandmother, father, brother, daughter-in-law, cousins, son and daughter.

There were 39 relatives with him in the reserve bus number Ba 3 B 4385. All of them who reached the good work could not return safely. According to the tradition in the Tamang community, his family took him with him to his maternal home. Even though the bus went to Banepa in the evening, it did not arrive.

Bethanchok-4 overturned on the main road near Ganesthan. The police said that the bus overturned while trying to pass another vehicle. The local residents of Ganesthan were frightened by the sound after the bus overturned, Dikman Lama said.

After the loud noise, people started crying and shouting. Lama said, “The bus overturned, all the locals got together, we informed the police, and rescued them.” Dikman said that the bus was traveling at a high speed and could not brake.

17 died in the accident, 22 were injured. 8 members of the same family have died. Most of them belong to Rajan’s family. Rajan is being treated at Dhulikhel Hospital.

79-year-old grandmother Nirmalamaya, 55-year-old father Kumar, 28-year-old wife Manju, 11-year-old son Pushkar, 30-year-old brother Buddha, 27-year-old daughter-in-law Kopila, 50-year-old uncle Akur and 43-year-old aunt Hema died in the accident. Thapa informed.

Rajan’s 13-year-old nephew Yogesh is being treated at Balmaitri Hospital. According to Ward President Thapa, Rajan’s younger uncle, aunt and niece are also undergoing treatment now. “Most of the family members have died in an accident,” he said, “They will not even take over the bodies, Rajan’s two brothers are abroad, it is only after they come that they will take over the bodies.”

Chakraraj Joshi, Chief Superintendent of Police, District Police Office, Kavre informed that all those who died in the accident have been identified and the bodies have been handed over to their families. According to him, out of 17 people who died in the accident, only 9 bodies were taken over by the family on Wednesday.

Tej Prasad Timalsina (driver) aged 22, resident of Mahankal-6, Lalitpur District, Ravin Tamang, aged 19, resident of Bethanchok-4, Nirmala Tamang, aged 79, resident of Banepa-11, Manju Tamang, aged 28, resident of Banepa-11, Temal-8, resident Tikalakshmi Tamang of 29 years, Gurulakshman Das Tamang of 9 years of residence in Temal-8, Sanika Thing of 6 years of residence in Indrasarovar-1, Chelimaya Tamang of 41 years of residence in Mandandeupur-1, Ramkumar Tamang of 42 years of residence in Banepa-14, Kavre District Banepa 28-year-old Geeta Shrestha of 14 and 24-year-old Manju Tamang of Bethanchok-5 have died.

38-year-old Kalu Tamang of Panauti Kushadevi, 22-year-old Rajkumar Tamang of Banepa-11, 33-year-old Nirumaya Tamang of Bethanchok, 39-year-old Pema Tamang of Banepa, 20-year-old Sant Bahadur Tamang of Banepa, 32-year-old Rajan Tamang, 22-year-old Resham Tamang, 19-year-old Vishal Tamang, 37 32-year-old Ravi Tamang, 32-year-old Vikas Tamang, 20

Rupak Tamang, 19, Nirmal Tamang, 41, Kavita Tamang, 41, Santosh Choulagain, 28, co-driver of Panauti-4, Devraj Tamang, 29, of Banepa-11, Shorta Tamang, 6, of Banepa-11, 33-year-old of Bethanchok-5 Vijay is being treated at Shir Memorial and Dhulikhel Hospital in the district of Waiba.

Similarly, 27-year-old Hiraman Tamang of Banepa is being treated at Madhyapur Thimi Hospital in Bhaktapur, 26-year-old Dolma Tamang of Makwanpur Kulekhani is being treated at the trauma center of Veer Hospital in Kathmandu, Andaji 3-year-old is being treated at Annapurna Neuro Hospital in Kathmandu, 5-year-old Renjen Tamang of Banepa-11 is being treated at Annapurna Neuro Hospital.

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