“Good news: A golden opportunity to work in the US for those who read general literature

America has opened the worker (A’chawan B visa). Applicants have to register online within the specified period for this visa which will be opened for the financial year 2021.

According to Nepali time, registration time is fixed from February 18th to Chaitra 7th at 12 noon.

Applicants and their representatives can register online by filling in the details of the applicant and the beneficiary within the specified period for the visa, which will be opened for the financial year 2021. USCIS will provide a confirmation number for each registration.

“The said number can be used for registration tracking purposes.

But because the said number is not a case number, it will not be used to view the case status of U’SCIS. The applicant or representative must use the online account of U’SCIS to register online.

“In addition, an application fee of 10 dollars will have to be paid. Applicants or their representatives can register applications for more than one in one online session. You can fill in the details and make a draft before March 1 in the online A’account.

“But the registration should be done only after 12 noon on March 1. U’SCIS will close the online registration on March 20 at 12 noon in the section where enough applications have been received by March 20.

After that, those who have been selected through the lottery system will be notified by March 31.

“After that, the applicant will be able to proceed with the process for the A-Chawan B visa only on the application with six notes. After completing all the procedures, they will be able to get a visa. A new procedure is going to be started for A-chawanbi workers who have received higher education from this year.

“For the first time, American employers will be able to register online for qualified workers with higher education. There is a quota of 65,000 for those who have a bachelor’s degree, while there is a quota of 20,000 for those who have a master’s degree in America. But those who have master’s degree in America will be able to participate in the quota of 65,000.

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