God’s incarnation, two children, one body, two legs, four hands, touch the photo and share (watch the video)

People enjoy interesting and funny things along with entertainment. But there are also such interesting things in the world that even the viewers are surprised to see. Some have 2 bodies, four legs, some have two hearts, some have four hands. How much pain does such an uncomfortable situation give them, even if it attracts people’s attention? Although people have to face these situations, the number of such things is more than yesterday and today more than yesterday.

These children are an example of the latter. They were born in Satyanand Hospital in India. Even though there are two people, the body is the same, there are two legs and four arms. After seeing the picture of this child, people are shocked. However, thousands of children come to his house to see these children who have two bodies at birth.

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This too
The incident of Puspa Thapa Budha, who was found dead in a hotel room in Butwal along with Pustaram Bhujel of Dhading, has become a topic of discussion on social media.

When Puspa Thapa Budha’s mother-in-law explained how this incident happened, she said, “We didn’t even know that this daughter-in-law had brought her.” Nor has he registered his marriage with his son.

My son was reminded of the water by his daughter-in-law’s sister because her daughter-in-law used to walk like that before. As far as I can tell about this incident, both of them may have drunk together in the hotel.

Then I guess it happened while they were talking about something. And the daughter-in-law does not get any sur tal after eating, so she is suspected to have been killed by them.

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