Geeta, who had reached Dubai after losing her husband, was bitten by a snake and her two sons

Rupandehi. After losing her husband in Baisakh, Geeta Bhusal faced the challenge of raising her two sons alone. He had no choice but to go for foreign employment.

It has not even been a month since Geeta of Kapilavastu, Buddhbhoomi Municipality Ward No. 1 of Kapilvastu went to Dubai. On the other hand, it was reported that both the minor sons died after being bitten by a snake at home.

Her husband, Baburam Bhusal, who earns at home by working in India, committed suicide on 7th Baisakh. Geeta, who has 9-year-old and 12-year-old sons, was hit by lightning.

On the one hand, Geeta, who was in a normal economic situation, was suffering from the pain of losing her husband at a young age, on the other hand, she was worried about how to educate her two young sons and make their future better.

After her husband’s death, she planned to go to Dubai with the advice of her mother-in-law, brother-in-law, mother-in-law and other family members and entrust her two sons to her mother-in-law.

The family agreed and she reached Dubai 25 days ago. But on Monday night, another disaster struck Geeta’s house. His two sons who were sleeping with their grandmother were bitten by a snake and died on Tuesday.

According to the neighbors, there was no sign of snake bite at first. They were sleeping on a bed on the ground with their grandmother, when they both started to scatter, there was a commotion in the house. The elderly grandparents treated her at home for a few hours, thinking it was normal.

According to neighbor Sharda Banjade, both of them were taken to Buddha Polyclinic in Gorusinge at 4 am. But their condition had become serious. After the director suggested to take them to Butwal immediately, the neighbors could not save them even though they reached the Lumbini Regional Hospital in Butwal.

9-year-old Pradeep Bhusal and 12-year-old Deepak Bhusal, who were living with their elderly grandfather and mother in the family, could have been saved if they had known that they had been bitten by a snake in time. However, it is estimated that the neighbor died prematurely due to delay in treatment.

“We had to lose such young parents without knowing that they were bitten by a snake. If we had known in time, the snakebite treatment would have been done in this neighborhood,” Tej Bahadur Basnet, the ward president of that ward, told Nepal Press. He has gone to Dubai, now we are worried about how to bring him.’

The two deceased brothers were studying at Parijat Boarding School in Gorusinge. They were sleeping on a bed on the floor with their grandmother and were taken to the local medical center for treatment when they were found unconscious at night. After treatment was not possible from there, they were taken to Lumbini Regional Hospital, Butwal for further treatment.

Although there is a snakebite treatment center five kilometers from the house, there was no suspicion of snakebite. Pashupati Sharma, a local, said that he was taken to Butwal for treatment to see if something else would happen. Navin Bhandari, manager of Kapilvastu Snakebite Treatment Center, said that the report of the hospital stated that death was due to snakebite. The grandmother has now been admitted to the snakebite treatment center. Bhandari informed that his condition is normal.

Similarly, the Snakebite Treatment Center reported that two more women died on Monday without knowing that they were bitten by a snake. The deceased are Anita Yadav, 31 years old from Maharajganj Municipality and Mamta Chamar, 14 years old from Buddhbhoomi Municipality Ward No. 10 Dhankauli.

It is said that both of them may have been bitten by a cow snake. Bhandari said that symptoms such as stomach ache, difficulty in swallowing saliva, difficulty in opening the eyes, and body ache are symptoms of snakebite, so if such symptoms occur, one should go to the snakebite treatment center.

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