Finally, take a photo and write a report. May his soul rest in peace.

Also, the ID of Dahal Kalpana, who posted the said video, is also being searched for. While understanding about this, it is understood that the girl belongs to Rupakot Majhuwagadhi Municipality 1 Diktel of Khotang District. It is revealed that he has been studying in Urlabari.

It is understood that he was found in the forest of Pathri-Kanepokhari area. Why she did not come there is now a matter of interest to everyone. A water bottle and a bag can be seen next to him. Looking at the bag and bottle, it seems that she came there herself. But it is not clear why it is illegal in the forest.

A video has gone viral on Tiktok since a few days ago.

In the video posted by Dahal Kabita’s Tiktok ID, a girl can be seen stumbling under a tree in the middle of the forest.

Many people can be heard laughing and talking, but no one seems to be trying to understand what happened to that girl. They can be heard laughing at the girl. The day after the video was posted on Tiktok, her video was again posted as Rip Kamala.

After that, there were many posts that wrote rips on his photos and videos.

Now many questions are being raised as to why the people who made the video while she was alive didn’t try to understand what happened to her and why they didn’t try to bring the girl to the hospital. Radhika Acharya of Diktel is the neighbor of the girl.

Now according to his information, that girl is Kamala Acharya. He was studying at Radhika Secondary School in UrlabariRadhika will tell that she is staying with her aunt in Urlabari. According to his aunt, he said that he had his training and said that he would go for training for a few days. A few days before he died? Ray told Radhika

Radhika says that her aunt told them that she took poison after she could not bear the pain due to menstruation. It is said that the police are investigating the matter.

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