Famous Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan’s plane (What is the reality)

Famous Bollywood star Shahrukh Shah Rukh Khan, who was engulfed by a series of news about his sudden death in a plane crash or falling on his roof, brought out his witty style when he shared a picture on Twitter.

The actor is sharing a picture in a casual white t-shirt that gives a very excited expression. King Khan took a picture, ! Survived the week despite the plane crash, fatal accident on the set and another title of Imtiaz Ali film! This tweet finally

A respite for the buzz around rumors and fake news that has flooded the digital world is Khan’s plane crash in Mirtu.

Shah Rukh Khan has been in the news this week for everything from rumors of his death to surviving a fatal accident on the sets of his film and the actor finally got time to react to the news.

Shah Rukh took to Twitter to share the fake news of a plane crash in which he died and survived a fatal accident on the sets and made us fall in love with his wit. The king of romance in two fake news

Reacting, shared a picture and also talked about Imtiaz Ali’s next untitled title which will release later this year.

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